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Freedom Rings Libertarian Radio with Kenneth John.
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Since 1996, Freedom Rings Radio has purchased its on-air time from WRMN Radio. We thank WRMN for offering its air time to a show like Freedom Rings Radio, given the often controversial nature of the philosophical, economic, social, and political topics discussed on the show.

Please support our advertisers. Their commitment to Freedom Rings Radio pays for much of the air time. However, our current advertising time doesn't cover all of the costs. If you would like to advertise on the show, please contact Ken at

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Libertarian Brother, Harry Browne, Rest In Peace (March, 2006)
The Closing Argument from the Seat Belt Jury Trial, 7 December 2005.
A Closing Argument
April 15: Just Another Day?
A Prairie Fire
The Law
On Tolerance
Conservatives and Liberals Unite!
It's Time to Really End Slavery
Eminent Domain: A Blight on Freedom
Educational Spending and Achievement
Low Cost, Consumer Oriented Health Care
Driving Values
A Re-Evaluation
Marketing Radicalism
The Safety Paradox
Guns, Drugs, and Thugs
Land Use and the Water Park Issue
The Extortion of Principle and Sophie's Choice
Playing God
My Election Analysis (2004)
Lessons of the Persian Gulf War
18 Reasons to Oppose the War
Voting for Evil
There is No Leadership in Raising Taxes
History of Middle East Intervention
Conservatives and Gun Rights
Government Spending to Stimulate the Economy is a bad Idea
The Contradictions of Pro-War Conservatives
Free Trade with Cuba
The Wasted Vote


A Path to Peace
Facing Slavery
The Death of the Soul
An Ode to my Gal
An Ode to Al Gore Man
War is the Health of the State


War is a Cabaret
When I was a Lad
I am the very Profile of a Presidential Pedophile

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