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Conservatives and Gun Rights

This is to the Conceal organization

Hi John,

I feel compelled to respond to Grant Noble’s diatribe against the Libertarian Party.

It is astounding to me that so many “limited government” conservative Republicans can be so hypocritical about our heritage.

Gun-rights conservatives continually bring up our founding fathers and the original intent of the Constitution when it concerns gun rights. And they should. Everything they say is true. But why are they so myopic when comes to almost everything else our founding fathers stood for.

Reality check.

There were no drug laws at the birth of our country. In fact there is good evidence that George Washington was a marijuana user.

The standing Army was minuscule. Our founding fathers believed in free trade with all, entangling alliances with none. . . A non-interventionist foreign policy. Something that if our present leaders had adhered to, we never would have had a 9-11.

Concerning immigration, Mr. Noble’s viewpoint is very simplistic in his criticism. First, there is an on-going debate within the party concerning immigration. But what all Libertarians agree on is that if we eliminated all welfare--at least welfare for immigrants, the problems associated with immigration would go away. The US would only attract productive freedom-loving workers to come to this country, they type of people that my grandparents on both sides were, who came form Czechoslovakia at the turn of the century for opportunity and freedom. Surely, Mr. Noble doesn’t want to close the door on productive freedom-loving immigrants after he or his forefathers got in. The problem isn’t immigration, it is welfare. If the Republicans weren’t so milk-toast on the welfare issue, then the immigration issue might come clearer to them.

Abortion? Mr. Noble is misinformed. The Party is split about half and half which is why he couldn’t find anything in the platform to damn the Party on. And all Libertarians are opposed to any governmental funding of abortion. Moreover, if more true limited government conservatives didn’t have the mistaken notion the Libertarian Party is predominantly pro-choice, then the pro-life Libertarians of which I am one, would probably be a majority within the Party.

Pornography? Well if you take Mr. Noble’s line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, that it is government that should control what our children read, and not PARENTS, then he must also conclude, to be consistent, that it is not for parents who should decide if how or when children should be trained and to be allowed to use firearms. It must be the government because they know better than the parents do. After all, we can’t trust the parents. I know, I can hear Mr. Noble retort, “you don’t get it, guns are good, pornography bad..”

But that isn’t the point, sir. Once you allow the government to determine these choices taking away parental responsibility, the slippery slope has turned into a downward spiral of government oppression. The liberals will get their way on gun issues, education issues, property issues...The list is endless.

Freedom is indivisible. As Richard Allen White said, “Liberty is the only thing you can not have unless you are willing to give it to others.” Until gun rights activists recognize this point, they will be fighting a losing battle. They will have fallen victim of the ploy used by all tyrants, that of divide and conquer. As long as rich are pitted against poor, black against white, urban against rural, young against old, teetotalers against alcohol users, “soccer moms” against rational folk, gun rights advocates against pot smokers, home educators against the teachers’ unions, alternative medicine against established medicine . . . all of us who believe in individual freedom and self responsibility will lose and the tyrants will win. Freedom is indivisible; it is holistic. It can not exist unless an informed populace becomes intellectually honest enough to recognize the fact that the right of my fist ends where your nose begins, that the choice of my freedoms can not interfere with the choice of yours, that I can not enlist my agent, government, to point a gun to your head to stop you in pursuing your dreams, your visions, your freedom as long as your recognize the same right to mine.

Gay rights? Libertarians don’t believe in gay rights; they don’t believe in women’s rights; they don’t believe in immigrants’ rights; they don’t believe in left handed Bohemians under 5' 10" with blond hair rights; they don’t believe in group rights. They believe in individual rights only. Libertarians believe there should be no special laws for any group. Anything less would violate our principles, and by the way, violate the fourteenth amendment to the US Constitution.

Mr. Noble’s point about Joe Birkett vis-a-vis Lisa Madigan is fool hearty. Birkett is no friend of gun owners. If you want to lose your gun rights fast, vote Democratic, if you want to lose your gun rights just a bit slower, vote Republican, if you want to restore your right to bear arms, ultimately you have no other choice but to vote Libertarian. “But Libertarians don’t have a chance,” you say? A rational person should not look at it that way. An election is not a horse race. A truly wasted vote is one in which your true choice is not used. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil. Pardigm shifts happen abruptly and no one knows when they will occur until after the fact. In 1856, the Republican Party got 5% of the vote for President, four years later, Lincoln was elected the first Republican President.

Set up a Conservative Party? Reinvent the broken wheel yet one more time? Split the vote yet once again? True limited government conservatives need to understand that the Libertarians have taken the bold step with Cal Skinner to coalesce with limited government conservatives. And this has been done not without a bit of controversy within our Party. It is your turn now. We’ll hang together, or certainly, we’ll all hang separately.

Ken Prazak

President, Fox Valley Libertarian Party

Newsletter editor, Libertarian Party of Illinois

Host of “Freedom Rings”

PS: I challenge Mr. Noble to a debate on my radio show, “Freedom Rings” heard every Monday morning from 9-10 AM at WRMN 1410 AM and live streamed at Resolved: Supporting and voting for Cal Skinner is the best way to support gun rights in the upcoming election for governor.

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