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Free Trade with Cuba

In the recent William Rusher column published by the Joliet Herald, Rusher accuses the Libertarian think tank, the Cato Institute, and Libertarians in general of being inconsistent in the defense of liberty where foreign policy is concerned. Mr. Rusher laments the position taken by the Cato Institute that calls for the repeal of the Helms Burton Act, which would open up trade with Cuba.

Reasonable freedom lovers can differ on their respective opinions on this issue, but it is Mr. Rusher and his brand of conservatism that is inconsistent and unprincipled, and the Libertarians who are consistent and principled. A studious follower of public affairs may remember the conservatives unflinching stance against an embargo towards apartheid South Africa. “We must maintain economic relations with South Africa. This is the best way to influence South Africa’s politics to get rid of apartheid. In fact, the black people will only be harmed by an embargo,” the conservatives would say. Yet they take the opposite tack against Communist Cuba.

The Libertarians, on the other hand have always maintained a principled consistent stand on free trade as the best way to influence a country towards the direction of freedom.

The introduction of Levi’s jeans and McDonald’s hamburgers to Russia probably had as much to do with the toppling of the Communist Soviet Union as did any other American foreign policy directive.

Ken Prazak

Activist Director

Libertarian Party of Illinois

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