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The Death of the Soul

Living a life in self direction,
While respecting all others for the same,
Defines that life in all perfection,
Instills an integrity for ones name.

Without self choice, life is a loss,
Succumbed to the God- playing crowd,
A robot, a dummy, a cog in a machine,
Relinquishing the life spirit, proud.

Spiritless sensation, irresponsible play,
Replace the genuine call,
Soma injection, bread-and-circused displays,
Consumed in a tragic-death fall.

A seat-belt choice, may seem trivial to some,
A mundane ritual act,
But its core reveals the most basic stand,
Whose life is it, in fact?

For those so inclined to eschew that bondage,
Yet forced into a spiritual toll,
To click-it in coercion, with that routine act,
Becomes the Death of the Soul.

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